On The Road With Brad Paisley

[lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm] launched his H20 World Tour earlier this summer.  The performer partnered with the Hope Through Healing Hands campaign to draw attention to the fact that one out of five people lacks access to safe drinking water. The H2O Tour has played to more than 750,000 fans since May and gathered thousands of dollars in donations.   As the tour draws to a close and Brad gets ready to play a streaming concert Live on Letterman (come back her to watch November 3, 2010),  this is the perfect time to reflect and watch the greatest Brad Paisley tour videos.

“It’s not all fun and games,” Brad told The Boot back at the start of the tour.  Brad wants more out of the traditional concert experience for his fans.  He wants his concerts to be  “… more important than just a bunch of people getting drunk on the lawn every night.”  The country legend has succeeded.   He’s raise money, elevated awareness and enlisted an army of fans to help his favorite charity.

Are you going to miss the country king this Fall?  Don’t worry! Come back right here at 5pm ET/7pm CT/8pm ET on  November 3rd to watch Brad’s streaming concert on Live on Letterman. In the meantime, check out footage of Brad’s current H2O Tour along with other videos and photos of Brad out on the road!

Watch Brad perform Alcohol Live during the H2O Tour.

Check out video of a time lapse leading up to the show.

Brad Paisley gives a truck to the 1,000,000th ticket holder of the American Saturday Night Tour. This video is priceless!

All great concerts end with dancing.

Don’t forget to come back right here at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT on November 3rd to watch Brad’s streaming concert on Live on Letterman. Until then, check out these stellar photo of Brad from the road.

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

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