Brad Paisley Helps The Opry’s Circle Remain Unbroken

Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens (Photo: Getty Images)

Brad Paisley doesn’t just make country music, he helps preserve its rich heritage too. In honor of Brad’s upcoming streaming concert on Live on Letterman, we’re looking at the work he has done to help the Grand Ole Opry.

Flooding severely damaged Nashville’s Grand Old Opry house in May of this year. When the restoration was almost complete, Brad Paisley and one of his legendary country music friends were on-hand to assist in putting a vital piece of the Opry stage back in place.

Flood damage inside Nashville

Brad Paisley doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to working to preserve our American country music heritage. He’s befriended and recorded with some of country’s legendary performers: Little Jimmy Dickens, Bill Anderson & George Jones to name just a few. And Brad’s embraced his membership in the Grand Ole Opry to become an ambassador of country music to a new generation.

Click on the video below to see how Brad and his pal Little Jimmy Dickens represented two generations of country stars to help put a piece of the Opry’s original stage back where it belongs (on 08/25/10).

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