Brad Paisley’s Guitars


Brad Paisley Guitar

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)


[lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm] is a huge fan of collecting guitars, and he uses a wide array of guitars while performing across America while on tour. In order to get you ready for Brad’s Live on Letterman performance, a full concert which will be streaming right here on November 3rd at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT, we’re giving you a look at some of Paisley’s guitars.

Check them all out along with others that he donated last week for NASH2O!

[lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm]’s Crook electric guitar is just one of the many guitars that was auctioned off last week by NASH2O, a charity that supports flood relief efforts in Nashville, TN. Other instruments from country artists like [lastfm]Keith Urban[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Vince Gill[/lastfm] were also auctioned off for the charity.


Courtesy of GAC


“Brad Testing A New Amp”

[lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm] even has his own guitar called “The Brad Paisley J-45.” Createcd by Gibson Guitars earlier this year, the guitar pictured below is a staple in their collection of guitars that they sell. Here is what Gibson had to say about their latest edition to their guitar collection

“Regarded by many players and fans alike as the savior of genuine country guitar picking and known for his fiery electric twang, Brad Paisley is also an unparalleled singer and songwriter whose acoustic moments are every bit as powerful as his amped-up excursions. Songs like “Letter to Me”, “Who Needs Pictures”, “He Didn’t Have to Be”, and “Two People Fell in Love” speak to the hearts and souls of listeners like few others on the country charts–and throughout these mellower moments, Paisley’s choice of accompaniment to that molasses-rich voice has always been a Gibson flat-top guitar.” (Quote Courtesy of “Our Country Road” & Big Papa).

For an up-close look at the features of the guitar, CLICK HERE!

Plus, check out Premiere Guitar’s video of Brad Paisley’s guitar tech Chad Weaver showing off all of his guitars Brad will be using this year in his 2010 H20 Tour.

What is your favorite guitar that Brad owns? Let us know in the comment section below!

Don’t forget to come back right here to watch the Brad Paisley Live on Letterman stream on November 3rd at 8PM ET, 5 PM PT.

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