Bon Jovi Rocks Greatest Hits For Live On Letterman

Tuesday night, [lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm] pulled no punches and rocked a legendary set for Live on Letterman. A fortunate few fans packed into the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York and were joined by an unstoppable army of Bon Jovi fanatics across the globe watching live online, dancing along at home and tweeting their love for the New Jersey powerhouse.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The fans wanted the hits, and Bon Jovi didn’t disappoint, delivering 10 of their greatest career-spanning tracks. From the moment Jon leapt on stage and launched into “You Give Love a Bad Name,” the theater and computer speakers at home were set ablaze with high octane rock n roll and searing ballads.

The boys from New Jersey proved they’ve been around the block, but are still running strong, as they seamlessly transitioned into “We Weren’t Born to Follow” and “Lost Highway,” before defiantly belting out “It’s My Life.”

“What Do You Got?” one of the two new tracks on Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits, proved to be an instant classic, as the fans were already singing along and swaying in the crowd. The moment Richie Sambora pulled out his double-necked acoustic, everyone knew what was coming, and “Wanted Dead Or Alive” had the crowd and everyone at home hollering along.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nominees never disappointed and built to a clear crescendo wrapping up the show with fan favorites “Keep the Faith” and “Bad Medicine” before launching into a soulful cover of [lastfm]the Isely Brothers[/lastfm] “Shout.” Then, just as the crowd thought it was over, Jon and the boys returned for an encore with the only song possible, “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It was truly epic.

If Twitter and Facebook are any indication, this may have been one of the most popular Live on Letterman shows yet. Fans online overflowed with praise for Bon Jovi and the show. Here are a few of our favorites:

Neurotica_ is it sad that I’m throwing my arms in air in middle of night to a computer screen? Naaaaahhhh

iloveyjbj canada loves bon jovi!


itskatieroy they need us aussie fans in the audience to get the party started @bonjovi

Celeste Wilhelm Flaherty Oh to be that 6-string in his hands…

Lida Kaloglou cant believe i am in here watching them live from across the globe… gotta love internet

Allie Hildebrand I watched their concert last night! In Florence

If you missed the concert, don’t worry, you can watch the whole thing on demand, above. Also, you can check out the setlist below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Bon Jovi song of all time in our poll.


“You Give Love a Bad Name”

“We Weren’t Born to Follow”

“Lost Highway”

“It’s My Life”

“What Do You Got?”

“When We Were Beautiful”

“Wanted Dead or Alive”

“Who Says You Can’t Go Home”

“Keep the Faith”

“Bad Medicine”


“Livin’ on a Prayer”

Watch the Bon Jovi Live on Letterman webcast!

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3 Responses to Bon Jovi Rocks Greatest Hits For Live On Letterman

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  2. Merle says:

    The best webcast since Bon Jovi did Sheperd’s Bush from England! bon Jovi rocks!!!

    • mallerok says:

      The dreary details differ, but the same theme informs–we’re good, they’re bad, and dear judge: would you please kneecap these guys for us?

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