Bon Jovi Gets “Slippery” Live On Letterman

Live on Letterman

This past Tuesday night, [lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm] took the stage of New York’s famed Ed Sullivan Theater for a worldwide streaming concert. [lastfm]Jon Bon Jovi[/lastfm], [lastfm]Richie Sambora[/lastfm] and crew rocked the in-house crowd and their throngs of fans watching online. Not only did the band showcase the relatively new single “When We Were Beautiful,” but they also played classic hits from their extensive catalog, as a celebration of their brand new Greatest Hits collection, released the same day.

And speaking of hits, we’ve got ’em. That’s right, even if you missed the show you can catch what were clearly among the hottest songs from the night–three classics from the band’s best-selling Slippery When Wet, performed live by the man and his the band, the legendary Bon Jovi!

The crew’s Live on Letterman concert performance lasted nearly an hour and amazed both die-hard and casual fans. Watch Slippery highlights from the night.

“Living on a Prayer

“Wanted Dead or Alive

“You Give Love A Bad Name

Be sure to catch the Bon Jovi’s entire performance on demand here. Then take our poll. What’s your favorite classic Bon Jovi song from Slippery When Wet?

And for more Live on Letterman action, remember to come back November 15, 2010 when stars of [lastfm]Rascal Flatts[/lastfm] take the stage (6pm PT/9pm ET) for their own epic streaming concert event.

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4 Responses to Bon Jovi Gets “Slippery” Live On Letterman

  1. Mike Vinci says:

    he is still hot and awesome as hell…

  2. kristine says:

    i thought i heard this morning on your show that jon bon jovi sang ” you gave love a bad name” in japenese. couldn’t find it….all i could find is a mock japanese jovi band…

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  4. Meredith Balasco says:

    Bon Jovi has been my all time favorite band scince 1984 with Runaway !! I hope one day to meet the band ~ its my olny wish… Please help this mom of 5 dreams come true !!

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