Trends Looks At Florence And The Machine’s Top Tracks

Florence + The Machine will be giving her fans a timely Christmas treat by performing a live webcast for Live On Letterman this Thursday, Dec. 16, from the world-famous Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. Trends delves into Florence + The Machine’s top tracks to see what we can expect from the performance.

Despite Florence + The Machine’s debut album Lungs being released as far back as summer 2009, her play counts on continue to impress week after week. She took the #39 spot in’s Best of 2009 countdown, and if Lungs had been eligible she’d have been a shoe-in for the Best of 2010 list.

With a total of 30,628,801 scrobbles, and weekly listener counts of nearly 30,000 for her top track “Dog Days Are Over,” the blazing trail left by Florence doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

Her top five tracks have stayed fairly consistent, each being one of the eight singles from Lungs. “Dog Days Are Over” has strayed ahead as the most popular track, taking in 3,313,630 scrobbles so far.

It’s a long way ahead of “Heavy In Your Arms,” the Florence track featured in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which has picked up 15,591 scrobbles from 3,677 listeners. Landing a spot in that film’s soundtrack might have made Florence a household name, but her singles definitely have staying power.

See what makes Florence + the Machine’s set list on Thursday, Dec. 16, during her Live On Letterman webcast. Meanwhile check out her page to discover more fan favorites.

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