Trends: Adele’s Sound Is “Lovely,” “Awesome” And Steeped In “Folk” “Jazz” And “Pop”

Adele Live on Letterman

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Adele‘s new material has made the singer a critical darling, and this Monday, February 21, you can hear for yourself when she performs an exclusive, free Live on Letterman webcast.

Adele’s material from her new album 21 is also tearing up the charts, so Trends has taken a close look at the young artist’s success.

Unlike a lot of the current crop of female pop starlets, Adele’s more than just a one-note act. Her albums 19 and 21 have shown off all sides of the singer and brought her talent front and center.

Debut album 19 bagged her two GRAMMY awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and won her a legion of fans around the world, including some 740,480 on

Those listeners have given her tracks an incredibly diverse selection of tags — short descriptions of style, mood or genre — that reflect how different the reactions have been to her work.

Obviously some of the standouts are fairly obvious — British, female vocalists, singer-songwriter — but it’s the next layer down that look more interesting.

Described variously as blues, folk, jazz and pop, she’s obviously captured a lot of hearts. And it’s the more idiosyncratic descriptions that really bring that out; awesome, favorites, lovely and mellow are frequently tagged enough to leave a mark on her profile.

Not only that, but Adele’s new album 21 (released in the UK in January and coming to the US on Feb. 22) has smashed into’s top charts, with “Rolling In The Deep” sitting pretty on the number three spot in the most-played-tracks of the last seven days.

It all adds up to what’s sure to be a very special Live on Letterman set with Adele. Make sure you tune in to the full-concert webcast on Monday, February 21 at 9pm ET/6pm PT only on

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