Trends: Lady Gaga And Adele Face-Off In Radiohead’s Shadow

John Filo/ CBS

Radiohead continue to dominate the charts, but further down the listings, outside the reach of The King of Limbs, something interesting is happening. Trends looks at Lady Gaga‘s new competition; Adele.

Eight of the ten most-played tracks in the last seven days are new Radiohead songs, followed at #9 by Adele’s single “Rolling In The Deep” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” at #10.

While Gaga’s play count is predictably massive (only two Radiohead tracks beat it – “Lotus Flower” and “Codex”) she’s beaten by Adele’s appeal; 1,222 more listeners played the British singer’s single last week.

Both are a long way behind Radiohead, whose least popular new track – “Morning Mr Magpie” – still has more listeners than both of the ladies combined. Just behind them Katy Perry (“Firework”) and Rihanna (“Only Girl (In The World)”) lie in wait.

With 21 still climbing Live On Letterman star Adele isn’t likely to falter any time soon; but can Gaga’s insane new video video push her back up? Trends will let you know.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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