Snoop Dogg Brings His Shizzle To His Live On Letterman Webcast

Photo Credit: Cheryl Fox

Breaking Newsizzle: [lastfm]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm] is booked for a once in a lifetime webcast as part of the Live on Letterman series March 29, 2011. Snoop will hit the stage of the historic Ed Sullivan Theater to drop knowledge and spit fire the day Doggumentary drops.

Find out how you can experience Snoop Dogg in all his glory on March 29th at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

[photogallerylink id=1607 align=left]In case you didn’t know, Snoop Dogg is much more than a just a rapper. He’s a worldwide phenomenon.  He’s a music producer, a movie star, a reality TV celebrity and the king of social media.

His eleventh album Doggumentary is set to crush records.  The first single “Wet” is already killing it everywhere.  Check it below.


Snoop will bring tracks from his new album and bust out some classic during the almost hour long show. See the man who changed the game with “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Murder was the Case” and “Gin and Juice”  in this groundbreaking webcast.

Are you feeling it? Want to watch the show? We can hook you up. Just come back right here on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 to catch  hour log set in it’s entirety. Plus, it will be available on demand all night long.  This program is brought to you by AT&T – Re-Think Possible.

Stay with us all week as we highlight the greatest accomplishments of the one and only Snoop Dogg.

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6 Responses to Snoop Dogg Brings His Shizzle To His Live On Letterman Webcast

  1. Killa "S" says:

    “Melody you tellin me?!” I like Snoop a lot, not so much as an obsessive follower, I’m sure others could prove me wrong. I would love to make beats for snoop. I play keys and geetaw. ^_^

  2. @my says:

    Awww….online! Tooo bad, thought for a second he was gonna be back in AZ! Can’t wait to chill with him again! Can’t wait to hear the new album…I’m sure it’ll be the shizzle fo’ rizzle! (: SNOOP4EVER

  3. Martin Washington says:

    The Dogg does again!

  4. Killa "S" says:

    Melody ya Tellin Me! You were soooo funny on the Trump comedy stand up show.

  5. allison bibler says:

    Snoop Dogg is the stuff

  6. Crock O bama says:

    Just another reason to keep BOYCOTTING LETTERMAN

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