Top 10 Socially Conscious Ben Harper Songs

Photo by Scott Gries//Getty Images

California-based acoustic slide guitar player and singer-songwriter, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ben Harper[/lastfm], is a master at writing beautiful reggae-funk tinged tomes to humanity with globally aware, socially conscientious lyrics.

With almost twenty years of music under his belt, Harper still has one overarching musical metanarrative–recognizing the flaws in the global system and trying to change them.

Come May 18th, Harper might play some of the Ten Socially Conscious Tunes we chose for his Live on Letterman webcast right here at 8pm, ET/5pm, PT.

10. “Fight Outta You”

Photo by Mark Metcalfe//Getty Images

From his 2007 album “Lifeline,” Ben Harper’s song “Fight Outta You” is about exactly what the title describes–the constant fight of living and having the strength to keep fighting back:

They’ll look you in the eyes and stone you/Then turn and disown you, don’t you let them take the fight outta you/They’ll walk all over your name ’til they find someone else to blame/don’t let them take the fight outta you/Secrets hide their lies inside hidden alibis/don’t let them take the fight outta you/They put the world on a hook, it’s worse every time I look/Don’t let them take the fight outta you

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