Album Review: Tinie Tempah Takes The States By Storm With “Disc-Overy”

British born double BRIT Award-winning hip hop superstar [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Tinie Tempah[/lastfm] is about to garner the kid of success that’ll make him a household name and a world-wide phenomenon.

After hearing his new album Disc-Overy it’s become increasingly clear, Tinie Tempah is not only incredibly talented lyricist, but with his endearing story about a teen with hopes to make it as a “star” makes him instantly one of my favorite new emcee to emerge in 21st Century hip hop.

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His first single, “Written In The Stars” says just about everything you need to know about Tinie. He was just a teen with big dreams about being an international superstar.  And here he is achieving his goals.

However, to pigeon hole him as simply an emcee with sick beats sells short his obvious talent.  Disc-Overy continues the story Tinie began telling with “Written In The Stars,” a message that gives hope to anyone with a dream.

Tinie Tempah’s been compared to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kanye West[/lastfm], even being considered the UK’s answer to Kanye, which is a hell of a title to garnish at 22-years-old, but it fits.

However, there is something more inspirational and humble about Tinie; something fresh and capable and nothing shows this more than his new album Disc-Overy.

Sure it’s about rising to fame and all the women, partying and fun one can accrue when they rise to fame, but there’s simply just something fresh and friendly about his rhymes when compared with his contemporaries.

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