Live On Letterman: Top 10 Empowering Jennifer Hudson Songs

Photo by Rob Kim//Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson is one sassy soul singer and the ex-American Idol competitor, and Academy Award winning Actress made it easy for us to make an awesome list of our favorite Ten Empowerment Songs By Jennifer Hudson.

Maybe she will perform one at her free streaming Live on Letterman concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater on June 13th? Check out the entire concert, live right here!

10. “Pocketbook”

Photo by Rob Kim//Getty Images

We’re not advocating violence, but it’s pretty liberating to be able to to show a man that won’t leave you alone that you mean business when you smack him with a pocketbook for being fresh:

Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook/Check this out here/Looking at my body/I bet you thinkin’ bout it/Don’t cha wanna know how i get down (uh huh)/Take a number baby/You ain’t the only brother/Trying to get up under my skirt now (uh huh)/Rockin all your hot s**t, stuntin’/Thinking that your God’s gift, to woman/More like a buzz in my ear/Shoo fly don’t bother me

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