Top 10 Incubus Song Titles You Could End A Letter With

While multi-platinum rock band, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Incubus[/lastfm], channels uber-masculinity with their brand of alt-funk-metal, lead singer Brandon Boyd‘s intimate, sensitive lyrics often sound like heartfelt letters to a mysterious recipient.

Part of this candid lyrical emotionalism is what has made Incubus so popular among such diverse audiences and many of their songs even have titles that sound like parts of letters which is why we’ve written this list of the Top 10 Incubus Song Titles You Could End A Letter With.

We can’t wait to hear Incubus’ poetic stylings during their free streaming performance on Live on Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater on July 11th, 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific), which you can watch right here.

10. “Wish You Were Here”

Photo by Ethan Miller//Getty Images

Incubus’ popular song “Wish You Were Here” sounds like a melancholy postcard from a tropical island:

I dig my toes into the sand/The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds/Strewn across a blue blanket/I lean against the wind/Pretend that I am weightless/And in this moment I am happy…happy/I wish you were here


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