Top 10 Crazy Joe Jonas & Jonas Brothers Fan Videos On Youtube

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Joe Jonas[/lastfm] is set to rock New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater Monday, August 22nd at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT, streamed live right here as the latest installment of Live on Letterman.

Oh to be a tall, dark and handsome teenage dream who can simultaneously dance, sing, act, and wink coyly at obsessive fans trying to throw all their undergarments on you.

Not shockingly, Joe Jonas and his brothers have a ton of crazy fans–maybe you are one of them. Do you think you’re the nuttiest Jonas fan of all? Check out our  Top 10 Crazy Joe Jonas & Jonas Brothers Fan Videos On Youtube and see if your insanity compares.

10. Fan Wallpapers Room In Jonas Brothers Posters

Photo by Astrid Stiawraz//Getty Images

We didn’t realize that tween and teenage girls still did this. We had a couple posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (hey, we really liked Jonathans with three names), but nothing to this extent. This fan basically has no room on her wall.

Questions: How much do all these magazines and posters cost, what kind of parents would allow that, and how long does that take? Years?

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