Joe Jonas Brings Down The House, Live On Letterman

One might expect a product of the Disney musical machine, a Jonas Brother, and a middle child to not have the sort of sexy swagger and confidence [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Joe Jonas [/lastfm]brought to the Live on Letterman stage. A flirtatious look in his sparkling brown eyes, Jonas lyrically announced that he had come to “shut this thing down.” And that he did.

Wearing a grey suede-looking suit, black patent sneakers, and his infamous coy smile, Jonas had an edgy, but still youthful polish–perfectly enticing to the hordes of screaming young girls in the audience.

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Jonas’ first song “Love Slayer” had a groovy[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Prince[/lastfm]-esque R&B backdrop accented by synthy electro-pop–quite the deviation from his normal pop-rock vocals in the Jonas Brothers.

Besides his new-found sex appeal, lyrics like “She’s a killer/Most likely to be on my worst behavior/She’ll have you up all night/But I’m ready to stay up,” show that Jonas is fast on his way to become a strong, independent, and slightly cheeky young man.

Even though he was undoubtedly melting hearts with “Just In Love With You,” the song’s lyrics show that Jonas isn’t afraid of tackling the more mature topics of the quintessential love song–like the volatile “break-up to make-up” scenario highlighted in lyrics like  “dark love and they say it sounds crazy /love’s equally more wild when you’re angry.”!/JonaticDemiSG/status/105812713304883200

In between “Just In Love With You” and “Fast Life,” Jonas did a dance breakdown with his two back-up singers, going straight into “Fast Life,” an uptempo party-jam with a ’90s-era boy band sound.!/JBFany/status/105812474196004865

After his perfectly in sync choreographed cardio session, Jonas took a break from his more high-spirited song and dance by sitting on a stool and singing the down-tempo broken-hearted ballad, “I’m Sorry.”

The pain in his voice was evident while he crooned frank, but heartbreaking lyrics that we all can sympathize with “I finally found the truth/I was using you.”

The highlight of the performance, which resulted in about forty-five seconds of straight screaming from the eighty-percent female audience was when Jonas told the audience, including those watching at home, “For all those who are watching on the internet, I am going to play some Jonas Brothers for you…But I’m going to need you guys to sing along.”

Jonas then proceeded to sing a brief Jonas Brothers medley of “When You Look Me In The Eyes” and “Hello Beautiful” that had pretty much everyone in the audience singing word-for-word.

Jonas definitely felt the audience’s love as he gave a huge smile and sincerely thanked them for all their support during his musical career–especially his solo ambitions: “I’m very happy that you guys are supporting me on this solo venture…I couldn’t do it without you guys.”

On cue, Jonas announced that he was going to sing more of his new stuff and dived straight into the bad-girl love-anthem, “Kleptomaniac.”

Judging from the lyrics of his new stuff, Jonas likes his girls with a little edge, even one without some gypsy predilections, one that “can kill you with a smile/she’ll she you coming from a mile/so don’t leave nothing in your pocket.”!/clausosaD/status/105813461698752512

Closing out the show with his emotional heart-scorching single, “See No More,” a sentiment that his audience definitely didn’t agree with. In his video for the song, Jonas burned his proverbial house of love down; similarly, that’s just what he did on Live On Letterman, presented by AT&T, re-think possible.

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Joe Jonas burned the house down with his smoldering eyes, slick stage presence, and boyish baritone.

Watch an encore performance right here:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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