Trends: Foster The People Gets Pumped For Live On Letterman

Foster The People is the latest band to perform an exclusive webcast for Live On Letterman at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater, and it’s a testament to how far the Los Angeles band has come in the past year.

Today Trends looks at their recent scrobbles, to see how they’re doing in the run up to the live performance tomorrow, Wednesday October 26 (watch it starting at 9pm ET/6pm PT on

The graph above (click to enlarge) shows the band’s weekly listeners over the past year, and it’s one of the most impressive rises we’ve featured. Running from listeners in their hundreds last October to a peak of 60,000, it’s an incredible feat.

Of course, the song the world knows is “Pumped Up Kicks,” part of 2011’s summer soundtrack. With 1,910,889 scrobbles from 250,032 listeners it’s huge, but all tracks from debut album Torches are seeing weekly listeners increase week by week.

Watch Foster the People Live on Letterman on this Wednesday, October 26, at 9pm ET/6pm PT, to see a band on the rise.

Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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