“Fallen Empires” Has Finally Arrived – Snow Patrol’s New Album (And Big Tour) Are Here

Alternative rock band, Snow Patrol has released their sixth studio album Fallen Empires this week, following two commercially successful albums, Eyes Open (2006) and A Hundred Million Suns (2008). This new album distinguishes itself from previous ones, as the band pushes themselves in a new direction, away from the anthem  ”Chasing Cars” and into more emotional and club-based songs.

Watch Snow Patrol perform a Live on Letterman concert webcast, now on demand!

The album is considered to be the band’s most ambitious project as lead singer and songwriter Gary Lightbody focuses the album tracks on the things he finds to be most important in the world, family and friends. The album will captivate you as waves of emotion and energy rise and fall, as Lightbody tells tales of lost love (“New York”), childhood innocence (“The Garden Rules”), and the importance of family (“Lifening”).  Lightbody has also added the electronic based, “I’ll Never Let Go” which he hopes will get people moving in clubs and will hopefully bring Snow Patrol records into the club scene.

For years Snow Patrol has trailed other BritPop bands like Muse and Coldplay, but with the release of their new album, they seem to be due for a big breakout. Back in 2009, Snow Patrol opened for the famous U2, and has since been making its mark all over the music scene. Fallen Empires is being talked about by everyone as devoted fans eagerly wait to hear the new sound of this great band.

The release of the album was celebrated last night as part of the Live on Letterman series, where they performed a live webcast video that you can still see here or on CBS.com. The band played tracks from Fallen Empires along with songs from their older albums allowing only a few audience members to stay seated.

You can also check out this video of the bands newest single, “Called Out In The Dark”.


01. I’ll Never Let Go
02. Called Out In the Dark
03. The Weight of Love
04. This Isn’t Everything You Are
05. The Garden Rules
06. Fallen Empires
07. Berlin
08. Lifening
09. New York
10. In the End
11. Those Distant Bells
12. The President
13. The Symphony
14. Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude)
Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires
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