’s Best Of 2011 Has Arrived!

The data is in and all the plays have been counted, but who was (according to the biggest artist of 2011?

Is Adele the most popular singer in the world, or did Gaga return to the top spot? What about the rockers; how do Radiohead and Foo Fighters stack up? Find out with’s Best of 2011.’s annual countdown has become a music industry fixture. While most charts are based on sales figures and airplay,’s chart is based only on the music that fans have actually played. In 2009 Lady Gaga took the top spot, followed by Ke$ha in 2010. Does pop still rule the roost? Find out now at also count down the biggest New Discoveries of the year too. These are the artists who received their first ever plays from listeners during 2011, making it a chart full of underground icons, viral sensations and quirky soundtrack stars.

That list is topped by Youth Lagoon, the project of Boise, ID native Trevor Powers. His dream-like album shot up the Hype Chart in autumn, and appeared to become a fixture throughout the winter for many listeners.

But up until the last minute it looked as if he’d be beaten by none other than Rebecca Black. The “Friday” singer was number one on the chart right up until December, as the huge wave of attention focused on the internet star started to die down.

Further down the list video game Portal makes an appearance – The Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory made it to number 7 on the chart – while former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher slips in at number three. You can catch his interview with the Presents team here.

Find out who topped 2011 over at now.

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