New OK Go Video Featured During Superbowl Took 4 Months Of Planning

OK Go is known for releasing intricate videos that are imaginative and break the mold of the more mundane video fodder offered by other bands. Their latest video released over the weekend continues that tradition. Parts of the video were seen in a Super Bowl ad for Chevy. reports OK Go goes stunt driving “through a two-mile obstacle course in a car fashioned with retractable arms, which pound upon different instruments set up across the course. Chimes are thwacked, guitars are destroyed…”

OK Go singer Damian Kulash took stunt driving lessons so he could actually be behind the wheel instead of using a professional stunt driver. The video for Needing/Getting was filmed in the desert outside Los Angeles over a four-day period, but it took four months of preparation and over one-thousand instruments to get all the shots needed. It’s definitely not your father’s way of playing music.

The band has become known for their striking videos that sometimes have nothing to do with the song, but definitely capture your attention. OK Go is nominated for a Best Short Form Music Video Grammy this year for All Is Not Lost, pairing them the band with the abstract dance troupe Pilobolus.

Check out the video imagination of OK Go, starting with the brand new clip Needing/Getting:

2007’s Here It Goes Again clip (aka “the treadmill video”)

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