Trends: The Shins Prepare For Letterman

Indie legends The Shins are set to continue their legacy with an exclusive webcast performance on Live On Letterman at New York’s Ed Sullivan theatre next Tuesday 20th March.

The band’s fourth album, Port of Morrow, is released the same day and a Letterman performance is a fine way to welcome a new set of songs to the fold. Trends looks at how The Shins have scrobbled amongst listeners.

The Shins’ last album came way back in January 2007, meaning fan’s have had to wait over five years for a new full length. That album was Wincing The Night Away and it has become the fan’s favorite, clocking up 18,313,300 scrobbles so far.

Interestingly it is the song “New Slang”, from 2001’s debut Oh, Inverted World that is the band’s most popular track. In the last six months it has racked up 77,844 listeners and has an overall scrobble count of 5,314,770

The second most listened to track last week was “Simple Song” – the lead single from Port of Morrow. Released on the band’s website in early January, it was listened to by 7,515 listeners last week and has already contributed 150,030 scrobbles to the band’s overall scrobble count of 63,237,644.

Tune into Live on Letterman exclusively on next Tuesday, March 20th at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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